Chapter 2: Signs of Alchemy

Ding dong ding dang*
The school bell ringed and school was over, Takeshi then turned around and asked.
“Yo! Asahi, so…what did you guys do at the rooftop?”
Giving me that kind friendly look yet still having the intent to kill me.
“U-uhh its nothing”
“Huhhh? Are you sure its nothing? I’m sure you guys did something , like did she ask you out or did she confess to you?”
“N-No nothing like that, anyways no girl would confess to a guy who they just met and just transferred to a school.”
After saying that to him, he gave that expression as if he was in pain because I said something that offended him.
“A-Ahhh my heart its in pain!”
“Yeah, Yeah”
“Anyways besides that….did she asked you anything out of the ordinary?”
When he said that his kind look became a serious look. I was surprised, it was as if he knew what Sara and I were talking about earlier today at the rooftop.
“U-Uh actuall-AAHHHH!”
I felt my ear being twisted, my ear is going to be ripped off! As I looked to the direction where my ear is being twisted. It was Sara.
“This conversation ends here. Akiyama why don’t you mind your own business.”
Takeshi cheering for joy as his name was called out by Sara, his eyes were beaming with success.
“Pervert…anyways Asahi you know what you’re not suppose to do.”
Sara giving me that serious look.
“Yeah I know that.”
As I said that she nodded her head and left the classroom.
“Well! I better go off too.”
Takeshi leaving his seat and was ready to go off.
“Ah, ok see you tomorrow!”
“Hai! Oh, Asahi”
He stopped at the entrance of the classroom door.
“Be careful.”
“A-Ah ok.”
That said, he left. I then pick up my bag and went off too, while exiting my schools gate, I thought to myself.
“*Sigh* man, this is all hard to absorb and difficult to believe, my father being the ‘Lone Alchemist’? Me being in danger? What the hell is going on today?”
Covering the top half of my face, I looked back about all the unusual things that had happen today.
“Things can’t get more complicating then thi-”
I banged in some kind of wall and my pocket watch dropped out of my pocket, I looked up to see what I banged into and to my surprise, it was the infamous Ishikawa Akihiro.
“Oi, Watch where you’re goin-”
He stopped half way through his conversation as he looked at my pocket watch, his eyes widened and looked at me.
“Y-you’re…Ah I see, you got a lot of guts to bang into someone like me with this pocket watch.”
“Wha-what? Do you know something about my pocket watch?”
There goes my promise with Sara about not showing my pocket watch to someone. Ishikawa then threw my pocket watch at me, I caught it but when I look back at him, his shadow looked disfigured, Until suddenly someone stood in front of me.
“Woah now, you wouldn’t wanna cause a scene here now would you?”
In front of me was, Takeshi!
“And if I were going to?”
“If you were going to, you aren’t going to stand a chance against me. Now back away from my friend!”
Ishikawa then turned around and left to the schools gate.
“You’d better watch out Nakamura Asahi, the next time I see you.”
After that he dissappeared, I was shocked, It was my first time seeing Takeshi so serious in my life but as I looked at him closely, he was shaking head to toe and he slowly turned around.
“I’m so glad it turned out that he left, I thought I was going to die!”
When he looked at me, he was pale and he was crying profusely.
I take back what I said.
“Hahahaha, Yeah but I’m more glad that nothing happened to you, you didn’t need to put such up a brave front.”
“Okok, let’s go home now.”
Giving him the look that tells him not to be worried.
Meanwhile in the ally way,
“Nakamura Asahi, I’m gonna make sure you die for what your father did to my clan.”
I reached home together with Takeshi as he wanted to follow me home just to make sure Ishikawa doesn’t appear out of no where and attack me.
“Alright! I’d better be off now, My moms gonna kill me for being late.”
“Oh ok, see ya tomorrow!”
I watch Takeshi leave until I couldn’t see him anymore, after that I entered my house.
“Hey sis, I’m back! Sorry for bein-”
My younger sister gave me a flying kick to the face and I flew back.
I picked myself up and immediately bowed for forgiveness.
“Do you know how long I’ve waited for you!!!”
“I’m sorry ma’am!!!”
My younger sister look at me with anguish but shortly after she calmed down.
“*Sigh* come on the foods getting cold!”
After dinner I bathed and was ready to go and sleep but then, when Mizuki was washing the dishes she asked,
“Hey…Onii-chan do you think our dad left us because we were a burden to him after mom’s death?”
“W-What? Of course not, I may not know the reason…( I hope there is a reason to why our father left us) but I’m sure there is a reason to why he left. So Mizuki, don’t worry about it ok? You have me, I will always be with you and in times of need I will be there.”
When I said that to her, she gasp and then smiled.
“Onii-chan you idiot..”
“Hahaha, alright I’m gonna go head to bed now, Oyasumi!”
After that conversation with Mizuki, I head to bed and moments later, I fell into a deep sleep.
“Dad! Why are you leaving me and Mizuki behind! We need you!”
Asahi’s father still walking out the door.
“Dad, wait! Where are you going!”
I immediately woke up, getting up, I shook my head.
“This dream again huh? *sigh*…I wonder what dad is doing now.”
I got out from bed and got ready for school.
“I’m off.”
“Ok! Come back home on time this time!”
“Will do!”
and then again I left the house to go to school. On my way to school, I saw Sara.
“Oh? Sara! Ohayo!”
“Ah, Asahi Ohayo, I’ve got something urgent to tell you.”
When we met up we both walked to school together.
“So, whats the urgency?”
“I have sense five Alchemist in the midst of the school.”
“Wait…five Alchemist? But theres no such thing has alchemist.”
“That’s because you haven’t enter the world of alchemy yet.”
After she told me this, I’m want to confront her that she’s crazy.
“I do not care if you believe it or not but I have to protect you at all cost because you are important.”
“Yes, now if you would excuse me I have to make preparations before it happens”
Before I could ask her more questions she started to brisk walk to school and when I knew it she was no where to be found.
“*Sigh* looks like this madness is not going to end is it?”
Saying that I went on my way to school. But when I reach the classroom and waited for home room to start, She wasn’t in class. I felt suspicious and wanted to search for her but then,
“Yo Asahi, Ohaiyo-gozaimasu!”
“A-Ah Takeshi, Ohaiyo!”
Of all times when I’m in a need to find her. The teacher came in to for home-room.
“Ok, is Megumi here?”
“Ok…Is Sara here? Sara?”
“Asahi, Did you do something to her?”
“What! No!”
I started to get a bit worried so I told myself,
“I wonder where is she? Maybe later during lunch break I’ll try and find her.”
After the few hours of lessons, it was finally lunch break, I will take this time to find her. I stood up from my seat and went for my search for her.
“Hey Asahi! Wanna eat lu-”
“Sorry Takeshi not today”
As Takeshi asked to eat together I refuse as I do not have much time to find her, So I keep asking myself, Where would she go? I kept thinking and thinking but I can’t find any trace of her. In the end, I decided to go back to the rooftop where Me and Sara were yesterday and so I made my way to the rooftop.
I made my way to the rooftop but no one was there, it seemed empty and the was still, but still I have to search the area just to make sure. As I was searching the door behind me suddenly slam close. Due to my instincts, I looked behind me to check. Its was Ishikawa.
“Oh hey, Ishikawa, I was looking for Sara but she’s not here do you kno-”
In an instant, I felt something pierce my left shoulder. As I look for what it might be, it was a long black spike tracing all the way to Ishikawa’s feet.
The pain kicked in and blood started to profusely leak out. I have never felt this kind of pain before in life! Its Hurts!!!
“Oh, that’s rare I miss…but don’t worry the next few is going to pierce more parts of your body”
As the black spike was pulled away from my shoulder, the paint got even more intense and blood from my shoulder gushed out almost instantly.
“AAAAHHHH!!!! Uck!!!”
More of those black spikes came from Ishikawa’s feet, I did a quick roll to evade his attack.
“Oh? I see you have dodged my shadow dwellers, there’s more from where that came from though.”
At this point, I kept telling myself that I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die, I still have to find her, I still have to find Sara! I kept thinking how do I reach the exit door without being pierce by those ‘Shadow Dwellers’. 
I looked everywhere to find anything that I can distract him with but nothing, I was still profusely bleeding and I didn’t know what to do to stop it. I was still dodging his ‘shadow dwellers’
“This is starting to get annoying…might as well just kill you now!”
He came dashing towards me with his shadow dwellers, a lot of them. I didn’t know what to do next, he was near, I tried to evade it again but this time I was unlucky. I lost my balance and I was going to fall backwards.
In my thoughts.
“Is this the end? Am I really going to die?…Without knowing where dad is?”
I was slowly going to reach the ground soon, 
“Am I going to leave Mizuki all alone? No…No! I can’t, I told her that I will be by her side! I can’t die now! She will be all alone!”
My right hand palm was going to touch the ground to support my body from reaching the ground. Then with determination of me not wanting to die,
All of a sudden when the palm of my right hand landed on the ground, blue light came from my hand and spikes appeared from the ground sending Ishikawa flying to the very corner of the rooftop. The spikes pierce his arms and body making him unable to move.
“Wha-what the hell just happen?”
“You used alchemy.”
I heard a girls voice behind me and as I turned around to see who it was, it was Sara!
“Yes that’s me.”
“Where have you been! What the hell is this in front of me that sent Ishikawa flying!?”
She’d better give a good explanation!
“I have been waiting for the time to come and here it is.”
“What!? So you have been watching me this whole time without helping me?!”
“I’ve waited for you to awaken your alchemy within you, and that alchemy of yours specializes in creating matter which is what your father have.”
What? I have this ‘Alchemy that creates matter’ in me the whole time? I don’t understand, what have my dad been keeping from me?
“Narakuma Asahi!”
I saw Ishikawa destroying the spikes and getting on his feet again.
“So, you finally learnt to use alchemy ack! you son of a bitch!”
Coming in a form on lightning,Takeshi appeared
“Yo Asahi! Its kind of awkward isn’t it? Seeing your childhood friend using weird powers?”
“Takeshi, I’m sure now’s not the time to make jokes.”
“I know! I know!”
“Asahi I promise I’ll tell you everything once I’m done with Mr. Shadow man here so now let me do my job.”
“Your Job?”
What the hell is going on!?
“Asahi now’s not the time for questions, you can get your answers after we get out of here.”
I suddenly felt something poke my neck and I started to lose consciousness as soon as I knew it, black.
“Hey Sara! That was not part of the plan!”
“We can’t delay, we do not have much time left. We must go now, quickly be done with Ishikawa.”
Sara jumped of the school with Asahi, Takeshi then pulled out a stream of lightning from his other hand.
“*Sigh*…Alright Mr. Shadow man come at me!”


Chapter 1: The transfer student

“Crappp!!! I’m gonna be late for school!!!”

I was running as fast as I can, I felt like my legs burning and was going to rip off soon, from my house to school, actually it was only a ten minutes walk to my school but I had only five minutes left before the school’s gate closes.
“I’m almost there!’
I checked my pocket watch, only 1 more minute left before the school gate closes but when I was running in a frantic hurry to the school gate, my eyes caught something, a girl in my school’s uniform with a short bob hair but I don’t recognise her maybe a new transfer student. She had beautiful luxurious brown hair, pale skin, I looked at her for a moment.
I lost my focus and did’nt realise I was going to trip because I was too focus on that girl, in the end it sent me face first on the ground and I slided into the school’s entrance.
“Ahhh, ittai…”
“Are you ok?”
“Yeah I-I’m fine thank yo-”
As I looked to the direction wanting to thank that person, it was that girl squarting in front of me. From up close, she had a face of a goddess, she was pretty, I blushed. The girl then tilted her head and gave a confuse expression but then shortly stood up and left. 
“Well…you better hurry then, we’re already late for school.”
“Oh…wait WHAT!?”
I checked my pocket watch again and saw that it has already reach the time where assembly has started. Panicking, I hurriedly stood up and ran off.
“That guy…He has that pocket watch…”
“I’m very sorry, Kenzaki-sensei!!!”
“*Sigh* nevermind just come in, anyways we have someone new joining our class.”
I hurried to my table where I always seat in class and I heard people whispering.
“Hey, did you hear that the new student that is going to join our class is a girl”.”
“Yeah I know, I also heard that shes super pretty.”
“Hey now guys, you guys better not have any funny ideas”
As I heard this whisperings, it reminded me of that girl but it can’t be,I shake my head in denial.
“Yo, Asahi! Not the first time I’ve seen you late for school, oh and have you heard about the new transfer student?”
The classmate talking to me now is my childhood friend, Akiyama Takeshi, he was with me ever since my father abandoned me.
“Hahaha, yeah I’ve heard about this girl since I’ve step into this classroom.”
Then suddenly.
“Alright! Everyone settle down! The new student is here, ok ,Suzuki Sara you may enter in now to introduce yourself to your new classmates.
“Hello everyone, I’m Suzuki Sara, I’ve tranfered from Aka rose Highschool to Sakura Academy Highschool, I hope I can learn more about you all.”
All the boys in the class except me was celebrating
“What? Have you met her somewhere before Asahi?”
“Yeah just recent-”
“Alright! Settle down you perverted brats! Sara you can seat next to…ah! You can seat next to Nakamura at the second last row, theres an empty seat.”
My heart skipped a beat as I heard what Kenzaki-sensei had just said and when I look around all my classmates including Takeshi were gazing at me with murderous intent, I can feel their evil intent to chain me up and toture me.
“Hai, Kenzaki-sensei.”
She then slowly walked to the empty table next to me, I keep telling myself to calm down but my heart just keep racing, as she reached the table. She pulled out the chair from the table and sat on it, she then looked my way and I gave her a nervous smile.
“H-Hey, nice to meet you again hahaha..did’nt know you where transfering to my classroom.”
“Yeah I didn’t expect to see you again but it is good either ways…hey is it ok if I ask you a favour later?”
I think I did’nt hear that clearly
“Huh? A what?”
“A favor”
“U-Uhh ok..”
As I look back at my classmates, their gazes became beams and all of them seriously wants to kill me now, I wonder to myself why are this things happening me today!!!
The period has ended and it was lunch break now.
“*Sigh* finally half of the day is gone.”
“Takeshi what are doing?”
Takeshi starring at me like I’m a traitor
“Oh come on its not my fault that she’s seating next to m-”
“Asahi, would you mind following me to the rooftop I want to ask you about that favour I mentioned earlier.”
“O-oh now? ok”
“Hey Takeshi, I’ll be bac-”
As I looked at him he turned his head away from me with an angry expression, I sighed and followed Sara to our school’s rooftop. We reached the rooftop, Sara then scout the area to see if anybody was here but there was no one except me and her. My heart was racing like mad and I couldn’t imagine about the favor she was going to ask me for. She then walked in front of me and asked.
“Hey Asahi? I-Is it ok if you…would let me see your pocket watch for a while?”
“Huh? Y-You just brought me up here just to see my pocket watch?”
Of all things she asked for my pocket watch!!!
“Whats the matter? Can I not see it”
“O-oh yeah sure you can, here”
The pocket watch that I had was left behind by my father before he abandoned me and my younger sister, it had a unique, unusual design and a language I can’t understand, the faceplate had a circle and a star in the middle.
“Thank you”
She then inspect the pocket watch very closely as if she was finding a clue or trying to translate something from my pocket watch but suddenly her expression change into a shock expression.
“Y-you…you’re the son of the Lone Alchemist…”
“Wait..wha-what are you talking about? What Lone Alchemist.., Does this ‘Lone Alchemist’ relate to my fa-”
Her palm on my mouth to silence me.
“Shhh…you won’t know who’s here with us.”
“What do you mea-”
“Nevermind that just…just don’t show this to anyone ok? If you do, your life will be in danger.”
“What? My life would be in danger?”
“Yes, I will explain to you everythig once we’re in the clear but for now don’t cause any scenes or unnecessary trouble you got it?”
“Okok, I won’t, just tell me everthing you know about my father being this ‘Lone Alchemist'” 
“Ok, good, that settles it.”
She passed me back my pocket watch and left the rooftop. What the hell is going on today? I asked myself as I squeeze my pocket watch.
From afar, the next area of the school on the rooftop, looking at Asahi.
“Ooohh, This is going to be intresting.”

Wayward Alchemist

The Beginning

“Sometimes I think of the world as a corrupted yet peaceful economy. Sometimes humens are good or bad, it depends. Who knows? they might either turn out to be useful to society or end up being not useful…but I believe that maybe just mayb-”
I suddenly felt a force that felt like his skull was going to crack open.
As I was rubbing his back of his head to try to relive the pain, he looked back to see who was the one that delivered that blow.
“Onii-chan! You’re doing it again! You’re always mumbling to yourself and its freack me out!”
Its was my younger sister, Nakamura Mizuki, the only family member he had since elementry as my Mother was murdered and my Dad had abandoned us alone in the house which they are living in now.
Giving a sweat smile expression to my younger sister.
“Hurry up and eat your breakfast, you’re going to be late for school!”
I then immediately check my pocket watch and realising that I was seriously going to be late for school, I gulped up all the food from my plate that my younger sister made for him and rushed off to go off to school.
And there, I ran off to school